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Pro Board Haz Mat Ops Certification Test

A little hydraulic vapor dispersion.
Bend over and spread em!

Big Al and Bone at the retention skill station.
Bone and Lucas getting their orders.

Bone and Lucas moving some vapors.
Bull and the Lieu getting their orders.

Bull and the Lieu making an underflow dam.
Capt. & the Lt. getting ready to disperse vapors.

Dana and Rick at the foam skill station.
Dana sliming the target.

Getting in some student evaluation time.
Go home...we got it.

Hey Bull, arent you glad we arent fat like him?
Lucas and Bone doing some sweet diking.

Peanut performing the diking skill.
Pipe foaming the target.

Relax Bucko. No need to get up.
Spanky and Standby working the PPV fan.

The candidate staging area. Leather forever!
The Lieu decontaminating Capt. Happy.

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