Equipment, products and services that we proudly use and endorse!
A selection of links that are all related to equipment, products and services that we proudly use and endorse!
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  Link   Pierce Fire Apparatus
Pierce...there is no substitute! It's how we roll!
  Link   Mountain View Spring
The unofficial "Official Beverage of the Star Hose Company". Water the way nature intended!
  Link   Scott SCBA
The only SCBA used by the Star Hose Company!
  Link   Hurst Jaws of Life
The original! The tool of choice for Rescue 38!
  Link   Motorola Communications
Our mobiles, our portables, our base station and our pagers are all Motorola!
  Link   Morning Pride
Real men wear BLACK!
  Link   The Fire Helmet Cam
This rugged, waterproof helmet mounted video camera takes you right into the heart of the Star Hose Company in action!
  Link   Kochek Specialty Fire Equipment
Our source for couplings, adapters, suction hose and more!
  Link   Akron Brass Smooth-bore Nozzles
The Star Hose Company uses these heavy hitting, hardcore, old school smoothbore pipes exclusively on all their attack lines! This link is courtesy of The Fire Store.
  Link   Task Force Tips
The Star Hose Company uses TFT exclusively...on their trash lines!
  Link   Fitness Factory Outlet
We may not be smart...but we can lift heavy things!
  Link   J. E. Weinel / Rock-N-Rescue
Specializing in the finest equipment for all your rescue needs. These guys "rock"!
  Link   Snap-tite / Ponn Hose
After what we just went through with this company(receiving the wrong hose over and over, poor customer service and 14 months to finally get our $30,000 order), we've decided to NOT give them any more business...and neither should you!
  Link   Fire Hooks Unlimited
This is where we get all of our wonderful toys!
  Link   Smith's Fire Service
Smith Fire Service, Inc. has been in the business of providing the best safety products & service since 1971. Cal & Lill are the best!
  Link   Churchville Fire Equipment
Complete sales and service for all makes and models of fire/emergency apparatus.
  Link   The Fire Store
With the amount of money our guys spend here, we should have stock in the company by now!
  Link   All Hands Fire Equipment
Great company!
  Link   Powercall Sirens
Fire engines should have two sirens, one is a Federal Q2B...
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